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When measuring the quantity of artificial grass required it is essential to incorporate an overlap of at least 100mm over each edge for coverage of the timber perimeter.


Undertake a ground survey to ascertain whether or not the terrain is subject to poor drainage, thereby retaining surface water.
In such cases, in order to ensure a satisfactory base for artificial grass, measures should be taken to install appropriate and adequate below surface, drainage. We would advise the crushed aggregate followed by a sand infill method as in step 4.

Tools, equipment & materials

Artificial grass
Weed membrane
Turf cutter (hired) or manual removal if preferred
Wacker plate (hired) or lawn roller if preferred
2x1 inch treated timber stakes
4x1 inch treated timber
40mm screws to secure stakes to timber perimeter
35mm galvanized  nails to secure artificial grass to the perimeter
Crushed stone
Infill sand or grit sand

Installation Guide

Installing artificial grass can be carried out by most able bodied DIY enthusiasts; however, consideration should be given to the weight of some of the materials required.


How To Install Artificial Grass Step 1

Either remove the existing turf manually or hire a turf cutter to save time and labour



How To Install Artificial Grass Step 2

A treated timber edging is inserted to fix the grass too, followed by a Type 1 aggregate that is compacted to firm the area.



How To Install Artificial Grass Step 3

The area is blinded with sharp sand and compacted down to the hieght of the timber edging.


How To Install Artificial Grass Step 4

Apply a Geotex Weed Membrane, this will allow water through but prevent any weeds coming up through the drainage holes in the grass.



How To Install Artificial Grass Step 5

Lay the grass into position and fix to the timber edging using 1 inch galvanized nails.



How To Install Artificial Grass Step 6

Using a stiff garden broom, sweep the grass up against the direction of the pile


Sit back and enjoy the view of your perfect maintenance free lawn.

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